Media showcase


Teaser 2 – NeonGrid Visualizer

The NeonGrid visualizer uses spectrum analysis of live audio to decompose music in to a series of frequencies and generate a dynamic 80s inspired landscape. Several parameters are configurable to suit the audio:

  • Grid width, height, and depth
  • Grid line thickness, glow
  • Camera position

Teaser 1 – Touch Interaction

See an early software version running on a large Flatfrog MT-3200 touchscreen, merging melodies effortlessly. Explore the joy of creating and self-expression through simple touch interactions. Delve into the possibilities of this innovative technology and prepare to be inspired.

Creation show-case

Word-Level lyric aligned

PlanMixPlay generated visuals featuring word-for-word automatically aligned lyrics, using the tunnel visualizer to dynamically generate an engaging kaleidoscope-style visual.

Prototype Party 2 – Melbourne, Australia

20th of August 2022

Prototype Party 1 – Tokyo, Japan

Saturday – 14 June 2014