Past Show: PmpVsPartialComebackTrilogy-PartTwo
Sun, Dec 02 2018 | 09:00 - 11:12 (UTC)

We're closing in on the extended holiday period of the year, and with that, I'll be doing a couple of more shows. Possibly even some over the holidays.

There's been a bit more work occurring behind the scenes - mostly related to the automated show announcements behind the scenes. With a little luck, there'll only be one or two bugs affecting the now revived show announcement via Twitter.

Either way, if you'd like yet another way to know when there's a show from me, then you should follow @PlanMixPlay on Twitter. (When working as intended) it'll tweet whenever a new show is announced (which also happens via Slay's RSS), and it'll also tweet 60, 15, and 5 minutes up to a show commencing (not happening via Slay's RSS).

It'll likely be a fairly run-of-the-mill show to further narrow down bugs and possibly test one or two new features all while revelling in the magic that is C64 music :)

See you there!