Past Show: PMPVsTestingTheFifth
Sun, Oct 21 2018 | 09:00 - 11:07 (UTC)

Even I wouldn't have expected a total of five testing shows to be required to iron out what I'd consider to be the most critical of issues, but here we are.

Live video/chat system available on

So why tune in this Sunday?

It's simple - because I'll use reverse psychology and tell you not to, if you don't. So you will. See? Simple.

In addition, to that, here's a little taste of the menu:

- Classic SID remixes
- One of a kind c-64 live style chat
- The realities of rental life
- PlanMixPlay moving forward
- Neir: Automata
- Various minor topics
- Possibly (hopefully) the big finale I've been promising for a while

For those wondering upfront - it is going to be a solo show which means you get 100% unadulterated me.