Past Show: PMPVsWeirdDreams
Sun, Jun 26 2016 | 18:00 - 20:07 (UTC)

Let us immediately get down to brass tacks:

Weird Dreams.

Weird Dreams is a video game released for the Amiga in 1989, and for the Commodore-64 in 1990.

It is not a good game.

In a past show, I made mention of how there are numerous past examples of strange abnormal games making it through (what is often described as) the dream-crushing clutches of the publishers.

Weird Dreams is a perfect example of this, and it is - in my opinion - a game that perhaps had been better off not making it to market. Then again, variety is the spice of life and I know there are individuals who remember this game fondly.

Join my Sunday evening as I do my utmost to throw a wet blanket all over those bright-eyed memories. Especially, if it's only to tell me that I've got it all wrong!